The room is explicit, with lights fairly placed around. The music is equally subtle bringing back the classic memory of the past century. It is beautiful and I get a feeling of being stuck in a romantic tale somewhere in the woods. This is going to be my massage room for the next one hour. I think it is perfect to have it here, I love it.

I sit on the massage bed waiting for my therapist all this time still roaming my eyes around the room to enjoy the moment of my life. Then the door slowly opens, I turn my head towards the direction of the door. Oh, my, God, I cannot believe it, a woman somewhat 5’5 feet tall walks in. She does a swirl with her long black hair, which cascades around her face as she approaches me. She of Asian origin with curvy cheeks, black eyes and cute. Our eyes lock, she is looking at me with eyes filled with emotion. Her dress leaves me speechless; it is a black dress with a slit up on the left side up to the thigh. Somehow she looks slutty I think.

“Hi handsome?” She poses, as she pushes me to lie flat on the massage table. I was shortly lost for words, before I could open my lips and say a word, she stops me with a finger on her lips. She just says, “relax”. Her words are like and electric wire that sends shiver throughout my entire body. Slowly she reaches for her back and untucks her dress. Man, she is gorgeous in her pants. Her posterior is round and curvy, she is a brick house. Her breasts are the epicenter of her beauty; she is totally bewitching with those round ample sized breasts. I mean she is a sexy goddess. She then turns to me, makes me lie my face kissing the bed before she pulls my T-shirt, and pants off gently.

I am now only in my boxers lying flat. Then I feel a cold cream drop on my back. Then gently she starts fingering my skin applying what must be olive oil on my entire back, it was like cataloging each detail of my body. I feel her soft hands on my skin pressing with care. She starts from the toes gradually advancing upwards to the head. She manages to mumble a word along, “are you okay?” She asks, I only nod my head indicating that everything is fine. I can’t deny it, she is in total control and I am enjoying every bit of it.

She continues to massage on my body for about half an hour, meticulously giving each part maximum attention. I can feel the relaxation building from my legs to the head. She covers my back with towels in an alternating sequence while gently wiping off excess oil.

I remain silent the entire time as her feminine body hovers over me, doing circles. I am trapped in some fairly tale, an amazing experience I guess. When she finally stops and starts wiping the excess oil from my body, I could only realize that it was over for this day. An experience I would die to have again with this beauty queen. I can’t help but smile.

Hong Kong is an exotic city, filled with a diverse culture, great food and excellent entertainment. For businessmen like myself, who frequently travel to Hong Kong, I also enjoy the occasional massage in my hotel room. The main benefit of using an outcall massage service is privacy. The masseuse comes to you and you don’t have to worry about dirty massage parlors in potentially dangerous areas. Your hotel room is clean and safe.

One night I was stressed out after a long day of work. I was also lonely. A quick search online showed a number of outcall tantric massage services. I picked the one that had a classy webpage and showcased beautiful women. A quick phone call was all it took to set up my appointment. They told me my masseuse would be arriving in about an hour. In anticipation of her arrival, I tidied up my room, took a shower and ordered some champagne and flowers.

The masseuse arrived right on time. She was petite, with long hair and wore a stunning dress. She also carried a large bag with her massage supplies. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she spoke great English. When she saw the champagne waiting next to the flowers, her eyes lit up. I took care of business first, handing her an envelope with cash in it to pay her hourly rate – which was very reasonable.

The Massage Experience

We immediately got down to business. I stripped down to my underwear and lay down on the bed. She removed her dress, revealing very sexy black lingerie. She took some oil from her bag and began rubbing it all over my back. Her hands were strong. She worked my back good and hard, not missing any of the sore spots. I became so relaxed by her massage that I didn’t notice she had taken her top off. She rubbed her breasts against my back. I had to suppress a giggle because her long hair tickled my.

After a good 15 minutes of working on my back, she had me roll over. She began sensually kissing my ears and neck. She worked her way down to my chest and stomach. Then, like she did to my back, she massaged my arms and legs. They felt like wet noodles afterwards from being so relaxed. I probably could’ve fallen asleep right then and there, that’s how relaxed I was.

The next part of the massage came the body-to-body rub. She placed her body over mine and gently pushed herself against me while nibbling on my ear and kissing my neck. After a little bit on the front, she had me turn over and do the same on my back. Only this time, she began massaging my back again. Throughout the massage she kept applying warm oil to keep the skin soft and muscles relaxed.

A Little Extra…

Before I knew it, our time was up. Instead of simply getting dressed and leaving, the masseuse took me by the hand into the shower. Much to my surprise she dropped her own panties and took my underwear off as well. Let’s just say the shower really added to the experience.

After getting dressed she sat on the bed with me, asking questions and telling me a bit about herself. I couldn’t tell if she was really interested in learning more about me or just putting on an act. But it didn’t matter because I was still glowing from the massage.

She packed up her bag, and then gave me a hug followed by a gentle kiss on the lips. I took so more cash out of my wallet and gave her a very generous tip for her services.

My Verdict

All in all, my experience getting a tantric massage was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Hong Kong area. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.


Hong Kong massage is famous all over the world. The massage is carried out by expert Massagers. Massages help to distress and beat the body pain. Hong Kong massage helps you to relax your entire body and provide you a stress free time. Massage is not just for relaxing the muscles it also helps you to look and feel good and light after a good spa and massage. Hong Kong massage provides a variety of massage according to your need you can choose the one that suits you best.
Oil massage is the most common one, which is done with the help of natural and herbal oils that nourishes your skin. Some oils prove to be medicinal while treated with steam. Hong Kong massage has become a primary feature added up to the must do list while visiting Hong Kong. There are a number of massage centers in Hong Kong that provide expertise massage service. The massage involves stroking the body parts and kindling the sensation in the nerves and muscles. If you are to visit Hong Kong and don’t want to miss your schedule get an appointment at a Hong Kong massage centre, so that you do not miss a relaxing massage between your tight schedule. There are massages that help you to sleep well by relaxing the body pain and aches. Almost all massages will be carried out with herbal oils.
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After all you are taking up a massage to relax your body the result of the massage should not be painful instead of relaxing your muscles. If you are not satisfied after a massage you will feel frustrated instead of being relaxed which is the main motto for massage. There are a large number of massage centers in Hong Kong that provide you quality massage but make sure you choose the right place and make your visit memorable with a nice good massage and spa and relax yourself. You will definitely feel great both by look and feel after a good massage.