The Ultimate Massage Experience

The room is explicit, with lights fairly placed around. The music is equally subtle bringing back the classic memory of the past century. It is beautiful and I get a feeling of being stuck in a romantic tale somewhere in the woods. This is going to be my massage room for the next one hour. I think it is perfect to have it here, I love it.

I sit on the massage bed waiting for my therapist all this time still roaming my eyes around the room to enjoy the moment of my life. Then the door slowly opens, I turn my head towards the direction of the door. Oh, my, God, I cannot believe it, a woman somewhat 5’5 feet tall walks in. She does a swirl with her long black hair, which cascades around her face as she approaches me. She of Asian origin with curvy cheeks, black eyes and cute. Our eyes lock, she is looking at me with eyes filled with emotion. Her dress leaves me speechless; it is a black dress with a slit up on the left side up to the thigh. Somehow she looks slutty I think.

“Hi handsome?” She poses, as she pushes me to lie flat on the massage table. I was shortly lost for words, before I could open my lips and say a word, she stops me with a finger on her lips. She just says, “relax”. Her words are like and electric wire that sends shiver throughout my entire body. Slowly she reaches for her back and untucks her dress. Man, she is gorgeous in her pants. Her posterior is round and curvy, she is a brick house. Her breasts are the epicenter of her beauty; she is totally bewitching with those round ample sized breasts. I mean she is a sexy goddess. She then turns to me, makes me lie my face kissing the bed before she pulls my T-shirt, and pants off gently.

I am now only in my boxers lying flat. Then I feel a cold cream drop on my back. Then gently she starts fingering my skin applying what must be olive oil on my entire back, it was like cataloging each detail of my body. I feel her soft hands on my skin pressing with care. She starts from the toes gradually advancing upwards to the head. She manages to mumble a word along, “are you okay?” She asks, I only nod my head indicating that everything is fine. I can’t deny it, she is in total control and I am enjoying every bit of it.

She continues to massage on my body for about half an hour, meticulously giving each part maximum attention. I can feel the relaxation building from my legs to the head. She covers my back with towels in an alternating sequence while gently wiping off excess oil.

I remain silent the entire time as her feminine body hovers over me, doing circles. I am trapped in some fairly tale, an amazing experience I guess. When she finally stops and starts wiping the excess oil from my body, I could only realize that it was over for this day. An experience I would die to have again with this beauty queen. I can’t help but smile.